PhD, Civil Engineer

Development of some apps


Chinese–French/English/German dictionnary using the open source databases CFDict, CC-CEDict and HanDeDict. These databases can be respectively downloaded from the following websites: | | (original website, but not working since 2015)
This app is for Windows only. It is open source and distributed under the Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 4.0.
cc         cfdict

> Download (.exe) - in French
> Download (.exe) - in English
> Download (.zip) - source

Spreadsheet macros

Some useful apps for spreadsheets (Data export in text format, row deleting, column/row transposition, etc). These macros are usable with the LibreOffice/OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet only.

> Download (.odt)

Personal interests

I am also a musician and a composition enthusiast; please feel free to take a look at my musical works: