PhD, Civil Engineer

Development of some apps


Chinese–French/English/German dictionnary using the open source databases CFDict, CC-CEDict and HanDeDict. These databases can be respectively downloaded from the following websites: | |
This app is for Windows only. It is open source and distributed under the Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 4.0.
cc         cfdict

dic > Download (.exe) - French
> Download (.exe) - English
> Sources (GitHub)

Sound Level Meter

Matlab GUI application that emulates a sound level meter for acoustic measures (sound pressure levels, octave-band frequency spectrum, etc).
> Sources (GitHub)

Spreadsheet macros

Some useful apps for spreadsheets (Data export in text format, row deleting, column/row transposition, etc). These macros are usable with the LibreOffice/OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet only.
> Download (.odt)


La musique chinoise

New edition of a public domain book on Chinese traditional music: "La musique chinoise" written by Louis Laloy (1903, in French)
> Download (.pdf)

Artistic projects and collaborations


Musical pieces for various ensembles (symphonic orchestra, jazz band and small ensembles)


> Interactive Clock
Interactive computer installation on iMac, designed and realized for Xiaojun Song, solo exhibition "Visible, Invisible" at United Art Museum in Wuhan, China

> Le quatrième mur
Interactive installation, realized in collaboration with Xiaojun Song


> Ruines
Composition and sound design for the video of Xiaojun Song, art exhibition "70,80,90,00" at Tanghu Museum in Wuhan, China